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Saturday 20 August 2011, by CapJack

WinMP3Shrink Changelog

[23/12/2006 19:26] : version 1.3 build 1396 release 24

Functionalities added/modified :

- "Drag and drop" files and directories from Windows Explorer.

- New option: "Lame priority".

- For the destination folder dialog box : button "Create a new folder".

- The same file can not appear more than once in the list.

- Decorative icons on the option tabs.

- Comes with the final version of Lame 3.97

- Communication with Lame completely rewritten for future improvements; LameInfo.exe no longer necessary.

- Packed with UPX 2.03.

Bugs corrected :

- Fixed several issues related to the choice of a directory (floppy disk seeking, editing, etc.).

- Suppression of uncomfortable blinking when encoding.

- Other minor bugs.

[14/01/2006 13:15] : version 1.2 build 1253 release 23

Functionalities added/modified :

- Cosmetic changes of the main window and dialog box options.

- New option: shutting down the computer at the end of work.

- New option: adjustable start delay.

- First steps of deep changes about the location capabilities.

- WinMP3Shrink now works correctly under Windows 95, plus a personal challenge than a real use ...

Bugs corrected :

- Problems if "replicate the subdirectories" is unchecked.

- Interception of non-PCM .wav files was incorrect.

- Minor display issues on Windows 9x.

Note :

- The compilation of this version with Delphi 2005 broke the compatibility with Windows 95. The interface works, but communication with Lame.exe causes an exception.

[31/08/2005 22:01] : version 1.1

Functionalities added/modified :

- Complete overhaul of the system to detect and download updates, along with the rehabilitation of the site. Among other things, it will be possible to display a short message to the user about the new version.

- The socket error is displayed when connection error.

Bugs corrected :

- Severe issue : in some rare cases, source mp3 file could be deleted, because the names of source and destination files was the same. Fixed in version 1.1. In parallel, adding of another test, just before encoding, that performs an automatic numerotation of the destination file name, if it already exists (thing_96kbps.mp3 , thing_96kbps (2).mp3, etc.). Data lost is no more possible.

- Problem of traduction in the english version : some parts was not translated ("Add files" dialog box, for example).

- Little bug : in very special cases, when importing a file, was triggered the error "Destination directory included in the source directory", while this was not the case.

[06/08/2005 19:42] : version 1.0

- First stable version officially publied.