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List classes

Latest addition : 7 September 2011.

New : Delphi XE2 Ready!

This section contains a collection of very fast and resource efficient classes encapsulating lists of integers or reals.

These classes operate more or less like TList, except that the elements manipulated are integers or reals, not pointers, and there is no instantiation to do. They also add other capabilities such as predefined fast sorting in ascending or descending order, sum, sum of squares, average value, easy displaying in a string list, and so on. And you can easily add others...

This units make optimal use of memory, using only the memory that is necessary. They are very efficient and more convenient to use than generics or dynamic arrays, which also do not exist on all versions of Delphi.

They will compile on all (non .NET) versions of Delphi, including Delphi XE2, and integrate all types of projects (VCL or FMX), regardless of the target platform (Win32/Win64/MacOS).

They were tested on recent versions of Lazarus / Free Pascal 32/64 bits.

It was a big job on departure, especially since they were produced indirectly by a utility generating units, that I made myself.

From this, it’s very easy to generate a new unit of the same kind for a different type that you would need. Feel free to contact me.

I’m not asking anything in return for this work, except a small link to my site if you find it useful and use it in your software.


September 6 2011 : v1.31 - Cosmetic modifications. Method "SumSqr (sum of the squares) added..
September 3 2011 : v1.3 - Definitive modifications for Delphi XE2.
September 2 2011 : v1.2 - Modifications done for Delphi XE2.
August 31 2011 : v1.1 - Removed the assembler thing. Corrected compilation error in Free Pascal/Lazarus. ShowList more convenient.

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